• We are Certified by American Red Cross in Pet 1st Aid and CPR

• We’ve been Professionally Pet Sitting since 2003

• We have Lost Key Coverage

• We have NEVER made a claim against our Bond

• We have ADULT pet care

   takers with ABSOLUTELY clean backgrounds

• We are insured for accidents to your pet and home

• We are Bonded for Lost,

   Stolen or Missing Items

Our Mission

is to provide peace of mind to pet owners who are on vacation or working long hours by offering safe and loving services in a comfortable home environment.

Our Promise

to you is to care for your pets and home like they were our own. We strive to maintain high customer satisfaction by following your instructions, using our proven practices, and bettering ourselves through education.


Deborah McCoy

Jennifer and Tonia did a wonderful job caring for my two 16 year-old cats while I was on vacation for two weeks over the holidays. One of my cats has several health conditions and requires daily medication. Unlike friends or family who may be unfamiliar with medicating cats Jennifer and Tonia were able to administer the medication easily. Upon my return my home was neat and organized and we were able to review the notes they left and know exactly what occurred each day we were gone. As we now look to move into a house we are ensuring that the location is within their service area so that we can continue to use “A Pause for Paws” well into the future. The cost is well worth having the peace of mind knowing that our pets are at home and well cared for.

Darci Hutchens

Thanks for checking on Jada’s leg. I made an appointment with Dr. Ehlers. Thanks again for all your care and concern. I appreciate you taking such good care of my dogs! You guys are great!

Stephanie Diers

You watched our dog Buddy over Thanksgiving weekend last year. Prior to that we have been having potty training issues with Buddy and I was considering giving him to another family that wanted him. I was very conflicted over that because we had grown attached to him but the constant wetting in the house was causing quite a problem and I didn’t know how to fix it. But after we returned from our Thanksgiving trip, Buddy no longer wet in the house! I don’t know if it was the routine of being crated except for a few times a day or what but we have had very few accidents since then. He will now go to the door and whine or bark if he wants to go out. We are thrilled and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are. Thanks so much!

Lana Flagtwet – owner of a house full of cats

We were VERY happy with everything when we arrived home. I know how “trying” our four legged friends, (No, I did not misspell that), can be. You have always been so thorough. My small thank you for putting up with some behaviors that are annoying from our kit kats, when we go away. Thank you again for everything. I was VERY impressed.

Debra Fiala

You are a wonderful dog-sitter and an excellent resource to have available. I do appreciate you and your services. Thanks for taking care of my dogs! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your efforts on my, Oscar’s and Cassi’s behalf. My only concern when I travel is that my dogs be taken care of and having them in “A Pause for Paws” alleviates those concerns.

Danette Barnhill with Millie Mac and Martha Jo

I can’t thank you enough for coming to our rescue! I am very pleased with the way things turned out. I know I will need your services in the future! I appreciate everything you do! I wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a great job you have done with your company. Tonia has brainstormed on this idea while on my “pet sit” (Client interview) in the hospital, but I think it is a fabulous idea to go to the ER front desk and leave some cards. The second I told them that I had just moved here, didn’t know anyone, and had two animals that needed help, everyone, including the surgeon and the anesthesiologist were working on finding someone for me. Most of them mentioned your competition. I think it’s a great lead for you guys, especially since the competition isn’t willing to manipulate their own procedure to accommodate an emergency such as this was. Again, I can’t thank you guys enough!

Mike Baim

Thanks to all of you for another great month of care for Bob and Dino. I can tell from their big grins that they are having a blast with you folks. Your services have been exceptional in all regards. The boys couldn’t be happier with the attention.

Jeannie Imler

Received your written note today–again, thanks soooo much for all you guys do for Louise–I know she really looks forward to those walks, play times, and cuddles each day! To see more great words about our staff click on Owners. You can also click on North Sitters or South Sitters to view sitters in your area.

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