Should Your Dog Wear A Sweater During The Winter?

Monday, February 8th, 2016 at 5:42 pm

When the winter season arrives and chilly temperatures

become the norm, many people opt to invest in a sweater for their dog. But does Fido really need one, or is it simply a fashion statement that could pose a risk to his health? Look at the information below before you head to the pet store.

Consider His Coat

Does he have short hair or long hair? Dogs with a short-haired coat tend to need additional insulation when not in the confines of their home. In that case, a sweater would help Fido stay warm when he spends time outside.

Environment and Age

If Fido was born and raised in Florida, he would need time to adjust if your family moved to Michigan. A sweater could help him make the transition with fewer issues. You may also need to take his age into consideration. Older dogs have trouble with heat regulation, and a sweater could help your furry friend remain comfortable during his walk.

Know the Right Size

Yes, size makes all the difference. If you buy Fido a sweater that is too small – even if it’s cute and looks good on him – he could overheat. Get Fido’s measurements to make sure that any sweater you purchase will fit perfectly. If you’re not sure, talk to someone you trust at your earliest convenience.

Don’t forget to contact your local Lincoln, NE vet and A Pause for Paws pet sitter. We can give you additional advice tailored to fit your specific needs. Should you ever find yourself confused or in a jam, we can and will step in to make things clear again.

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