How To Take Holiday Photos Of Your Pet

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 8:48 pm

How to Take Christmas Photos of Your Dog

For many people, the holiday season means taking festive photos of Fido and Fluffy to send to friends and family. But it’s not a good idea to pull out your camera or smartphone and cross your fingers – you have to plan if you want the best results. What do you do? Where are you supposed to start?

Choose a Good Time for a Photo Session

If you want your dog to cooperate, you have to choose the right time of day to take photos. Expecting him to sit still and behave during your afternoon trip to the dog park will only lead to frustration. Wait until you get home and allow Fido to relax. You’re more likely to have a happy and productive photo session. Should you be unsure of the ideal time, pay attention to his behavior for a few days. Note when he wants to eat, play with his toys, or lay on the couch. You’re bound to pinpoint a suitable moment.

Let Him Get Used To Costumes and Props Ahead Of Time

Introducing angel wings or an elf hat can make a photo session distracting and stressful for your pet. Show your dog what you plan to use ahead of time so he can get used to them. Let him sniff or otherwise interact with your costumes and props. If you frequently put hats, shirts, or coats on him, it may be easier for him to adapt.

Remember to be patient. Don’t force your dog to do something that obviously makes him miserable. If you need further guidance, talk to us at A Pause for Paws. We may be able to provide extra insight, and of course, we’d love to see any holiday photos you snap!

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