How To Protect Your Dog During a Flood

Sunday, August 21st, 2016 at 11:12 pm


Protecting Your Dog during a Flood

Nobody wants to deal with a flood. They’re stressful, dangerous, and life-altering disasters that can leave your entire family up a creek without a paddle. However, there are things you can do to prepare for floods and lessen the safety issues, especially when it comes to your dog. The tips below should help you work out a plan. 

Have A Safe Place in Mind for Fido

Fido should have a place to stay while the humans in your family try to put the pieces back together. Your local shelter may not allow animals, the hotel that your home owners insurance has chosen for you to live temporarily may not allow pets either, so know ahead of time where your dog can go. For example, a friend’s house outside of any flood planes in Lincoln, NE or on the other side of town may be a suitable option. Keep a list of Fido’s allergies and other special needs to cut back on confusion. Make a plastic tub with some items your dog may need.  This is called a disaster preparedness kit.  In the keep keep a few days’ worth of food and medications, a leash and collar and an extra blanket. 

Keep His Information Up-to-date

If Fido doesn’t have a microchip, get one. Make sure his collar has his name and your most recent contact information. Even if you’re busy and have a lot on your plate, you need to note when your address or phone number changes.

Don’t procrastinate or shrug something off as unimportant. You will regret your actions later.

Don’t Tether Your Dog (or put them

in a crate)

If you know that flooding could occur in your community, don’t tether your dog outside, or confine him to a crate. He won’t be able to escape the flood water and could receive serious injuries. Please think about your pet’s well-being and take proper precautions.

When you’re going away on vacation, work with your A Pause for Paws Pet Sitter on an emergency plan.  Give a neighbor, within walking distance, prix cialis 20 mg comprime pellicule boite de 8 en pharmacie a key to your home.  If there is a true emergency, the authorities won’t allow a general pet sitter to enter your neighborhood to save your pet.  The pet sitter can also be your eyes and ears in the community while you are away.  They can inform you of the condition of your pets and home.  For more information see

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