Dog Safety Tips for Fall

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 4:09 pm


Dog Safety Tips for Fall

It’s time to pack up the bathing suits and sunglasses – fall is almost here! But while fall brings us Halloween, pumpkin patches, and apple cider, there are plenty of issues that come along commander viagra en suisse for the ride. Pet owners need to be as vigilant as they were during the summer when it comes to safety.

Keep an Eye Out For Mushrooms

Many homeowners find themselves dealing with mushrooms during the fall season. They’re not just unsightly – they can also pose a danger to your pet. Not all mushrooms are poisonous, but there is no reason to take chances. Pay attention to Fido’s whereabouts when he is in the yard. Keeping your lawn free of animal feces and leaves can help you reduce mushroom growth. If you think your dog has swallowed a mushroom, call your vet immediately. If it is after hours for your vet, Lincoln has an Emergency vet clinic.

Plan Ahead For Halloween

Figure out where you can keep Fido when the trick-or-treaters come knocking on the door. If you fear your furry friend might panic, put him in a closed room. Give him something to keep him occupied like a toy or tasty treat. This will help keep him happy and not feel like he is in trouble. Never leave him outside, even if you think he can handle the chaos. Hide your child’s candy haul in a high place. Chocolate is toxic for dogs.

Use Caution When Walking At Night

Darkness comes early in the fall. If you take Fido for a walk in the evening, take precautions. Put on bright clothes and get Fido a reflective vest and leash. This makes it easier for drivers and pedestrians to spot you. Stick to the sidewalk, or designated walking/bike trails around Lincoln and bring a flashlight and phone for added safety.

Your A Pause for Paws pet sitter takes Fido’s well-being very seriously. Don’t be afraid to ask her for additional fall safety tips and schedule walks for when your fall schedule is packed.

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