Does Your Dog Need Mental Stimulation?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Panting Dog

How Your

Dog Tells You He Needs Mental Stimulation

As much as you love Fido, he can certainly drive you crazy. The little things he does can turn a calm afternoon into a chaotic one. But did you ever stop to think that maybe you can attribute some of these problems to a lack of mental stimulation? If you want to know the signs of a lack of mental stimulation, check out the content below and act accordingly.

He Destroys Your Belongings

Your favorite pair of slippers? They’re in pieces. That stack of papers you left on the coffee table? They’re all gone. Fido seems to have a taste for whatever you leave out in the open. It’s time to wear out that brain.  Give him something to challenge him like a toy puzzle or a toy that has frozen treats that he has to work at to get out of the toy.

He Digs Holes in the Yard

Your yard looks like something out of a war movie. No matter where you step, you see a large, dangerous hole. This is another sign that Fido needs some stimulation for his mind. To deal with this issue, consider creating a digging zone in your yard. Mark off a part of your yard just for Fido. A sand box or dirt pit filled with his favorite toys, a bone, and treats for him to find.

He Acts Up No Matter How Much Exercise He Gets

If you run around with him at the park and he still acts up when you get home, try teaching him some new tricks. It’s a distracting activity that can help you forge a stronger bond with your pet. There are many dog training facilities in Lincoln, NE and may be willing to give you tips on what new tricks to teach Fido.

If you need to keep Fido active while you’re away at work, your A Pause for Paws pet sitter can keep the mental stimulation going in your absence.

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