3 Ways You Can Avoid Leaving Fido in the Car

Monday, September 12th, 2016 at 3:09 pm


3 Ways You Can Avoid Leaving Fido in the Car

You’ve got a ton of errands to run and the kids are begging you to bring Fido along for the ride. Would it be such a big deal if you left him in the car for a few minutes while you got stuff done? Actually, leaving a dog in a car is dangerous (and potentially deadly). The information below will provide you with a few alternatives.

Go To A Place That Allows Pets Inside

Believe it or not, there are businesses outside of pet stores that allow people to bring their animals inside. Find out if there are any in your neighborhood and use them for your errands. Hungry? Lincoln has several restaurants with outdoor seating, you might be able to sit at a table and enjoy a meal with Fido at your side.

Leave Him At Home

Yes, this goes against your plans, but sometimes it’s better to leave your pet at home. They can sleep, relax, and play with their toys in a safe and temperature-controlled environment. There is no need to worry about their comfort and happiness. You can move at your own pace and take your time while you’re away.

Use the Drive-Through

Picking up a prescription? Need to make a deposit at the bank? Many businesses offer the drive-through experience. It’s quick, convenient, and helpful when you’re in a hurry. Best of all, you can stay in your car. Depending on where your errands take you, some places offer special dog treats just for Fido!

When you’re going away from home, you can’t beat hiring a professional pet sitter. Your A Pause for Paws sitter will keep an eye on things and make sure your dog is content and healthy.

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